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Scheduling Your FHA Compliance Inspection


Need a HUD-91052 compliance inspection?

To schedule an inspection please email the following information to: richard@theartofhouse.com   

  • Address of the property to be inspected
  • Materials list for new construction or list of required repairs from the appraiser
  • Property contact name and telephone number (i.e. Builder, Sales Associate, Home Owner)
  • Mortgage lender contact name, address, email and phone number
  • Builder name and address, if applicable
  • FHA case number (i.e 511-XXXXXXX-703)

Compliance Inspections will be performed to the guidelines specified by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with no exceptions.  New construction must be fully completed and ready for buyer move in – at the time of the inspection. This includes but is not limited to: appliances completely installed and operational, window screens on, landscaping materials completed and fully cleaned.  

The fee for this service is $175 at each inspection, plus mileage for those more than 20 miles from the office located in Plano, Texas.  Properties that are not complete and/or do not pass, will be assessed an additional inspection fee at each additional inspection. If you are a new lender to The Art of House, you may be required to pay for the inspection via credit card at the time of inspection until a relationship has been established.

If you have any questions please call our office at: 214-642-7853

What is the FHA Compliance Inspection

If you are planning to finance a home with an FHA (Federal Housing Association) loan, then you need to make sure that the home you are purchasing complies with FHA safety, security, and soundness requirements. Without meeting the minimum standards as set by Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the home cannot be approved for a loan from your mortgage lender or bank.

We thoroughly inspect homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for FHA compliance so that your loan can be approved or you can discuss making necessary repairs or upgrades with your seller. The findings from the inspection can be easily shared with your lender.


The Art of House FHA Compliance Inspections cost $175 (plus mileage for properties more than 20 miles away from our Plano office location) and are completed strictly in accordance with the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) FHA guidelines. If a newly constructed home is to be inspected, it should be fully move-in ready for the buyer and completely clean on the day of the inspection.

If a home does not comply with FHA guidelines at the time of inspection, then the buyers will need to negotiate repairs or upgrades with the seller and a new inspection fee will be determined for each follow-up inspection. Once the house is in compliance, the results from your final inspection can be shared with your bank or mortgage lender.

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